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Day 6 and the final weigh in

So we’ve made it through to the last full day on camp. And if you were thinking that the team would start to take it easy on us  ……… you’d be wrong.
Our last ever morning cardio was the dreaded dune run, all I could remember from last time was that the more I ran the more sand I acquired.  And this was no different. But I managed to make it round 6 times which was great for me. Hardest part is the ‘run’ ( more like scramble) up the dune!
After 1/2 hour we were back to base for breakfast and then we had our 1-2-1’s with the trainers,  a little private time to reflect on way we’d done, and set out a plan for the future.  This is a great opportunity to really pick their brains and get some personal trainer time.

The straight into combo circuits, another tough session but we all gave it the final push!

After lunch it was our last set of team sports,  a ‘friendly’ came of Bucketball,  archery and volleyball. Sadly archery got rained of part way through but after a quick break we were straight back out.

Then final abs blast.  It seemed unbelievable that it had all ended again, the week just flew by.

So now I guess it’s what you’d all been waiting for the results.

So a final but of background.
My last visit to camp I was 2 1/2 stone heavier and i managed to lose 15 lbs and 52cm in the week.
Mindful that i was now lighter and fitter I was unsure what to expect………

Stepping on fhe scales i was so nercoid bur then Caroline told me she was shocked and my heart sank had i actaully put weught on! No the scores were in, i was now 18 lbs lighter and another 40cm smaller. That’s right 18 lbs in 6 days, I couldn’t believe it. All my hard work, sweat and aching muscles had all been worth it. I was now also the camps official biggest female loser on a 7 day camp and I still had the largest cm lost from previous camps.

I’m not sure the team will ever know how truly grateful I am to them but I will show them by carrying on and getting to my goal




I am already looking at dates for next year

If you are interested in finding more about the camp you’ll find it all here Northern Bootcamp
Or follow them on twitter @NorthBootcamp and they are also on Facebook

What a week…. The good the bad and the fugly

So I’ve had one of those totally random weeks where you don’t know if you’re coming or going.
Started of as any other week, work on Monday no better or worse the any other, saw some puppies but more of that to come I’m sure,  Tuesday same old same old, hypnotherapy and college,  again more of that to come.  Then came Wednesday, or hump day as us youth like to say (*obviously I’m not a youth and I’m 99.9% sure no youth would ever say that! )
Anywho I digress, Wednesday is netball day. Now we are not your typical netball team. We are aged between 16-40+ and every size and shape in between.  Are we any good? Debatable, we don’t win often but we do have fun. Anyway Wednesday went to script, a loss but to a good team so that’s ok.
The trip home however was not. We got a flat tyre on the motorway. Not a major emergency I know but throw in the fact that the car had no spare tyre, the driver no breakdown cover and 5 girls in netball dress, and you start to see the issue.
We were cold, and by cold I mean 2 weeks in the Arctic started to sound like tropical paradise.
Anywho 2 1/2 hours later the tow truck arrived and we were fangirling like those old videos you see of beagle mania.




So that was Wednesday,  then Thursday night we entered grown up mode and entered into a new phase of operation ‘Home Improvement’ .
New flooring!
Ooooooo I hear you say and you’d be right oooooo indeed.
Our old laminate was a thing of nightmares, pine, cheap and starting to gap! Laid by my OH 14+ years ago it’s time was definitely up and Thursday night so was it!


Bye bye vile 90’s floor and friday saw a big hi there and hello to new 2015 drop it like it’s hot floor!


Sexy yes?!

And then Saturday,  well Saturday saw the arrival of…….


Like I said more to come on these fugly puglies soon

Well I’m off to enjoy a star wars marathon because, well it is May 4th*


* resisting the urge to say May the 4th be with you…….. Damn it

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