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What I did on my holidays

So this years summer travels took me across the sea to beautiful Jamaica. More specifically the luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay and it was stunning. 

The rooms were decked out with either a super deluxe king bed or 2 doubles, tv, fully stocked mini fridge, bottle of vodka and rum.  Jacuzzi bath, double sink bathroom, toilet, shower etc. But rooms are rooms anywhere.

We chose the luxury side as it was adults only, so no kids. Personally heaven for me. Unlimited visits to the a la carte restaurants, branded spirit drinks etc.

My favourites were the Jamaican and Japanese. Mainly for the food but the shows they put on are super fun. Oh and who doesn’t love a good buffet breakfast 


 The beach was exquisite, private and peaceful. I tried to get down there each morning before others arrived. Just to have some me time 


Pools were clean with constant entertainment or quieter areas if you wanted to peace, grounds lush and green.


This was 2 weeks of relaxation, reading and rest

Below are a few of my holiday essentials;

Sunscreen and after sun lotions -stay safe

Books, with my personal recommendations

Sunglasses these are Joanie Clothing 

Chub rub stick

Bug repellent 

And the famous big cup, super for filling with cocktails and keep it them cool

what goes up…….

So i decided to challenge myself earlier in the year. Climb Ben Nevis, ambitious i know. then disaster, I  partially tore my achilles tendon junction late in 2015.

still i was determined to get fitter and do it.

so off i set with some of my guy pals to camp and climb.

we stayed at Glen Nevis campsite Friday – Monday, giving ourselves 2 full days incase the weather was dodgy.

you really can experience 4 seasons in one day. We decided to head up on the Saturday as that had the best forecast. and boy were we right. the weather was glorious and the views were breathtaking.

now we didn’t exactly rough it we had electric hook up and took a slow cooker and George Foreman grill, but hey its 2016.

we also took the opportunity to visit the local town of Fort William while we were there. Not so much to write home about but was nice enough to visit, and partake in a bit of bowling!

Sadly i didn’t make it to the top, my friends did however so thanks to them for the pictures from there.

My plan is to get my leg 100% better and try again next year!

but hey i had a super weekend so no complaint here!

just for reference here is the mountain the day after we went up……. oh wait its hidden behind that low cloud!!



Haddon Hall – Country Living

Now i am  little nerdy, not a bad thing but something i fully acknowledge.

So when i was away for the weekend recently i took the opportunity to visit Haddon Hall.

Nestled away in beautiful Derbyshire Haddon Hall is probably the finest example of a fortified medieval manor house in existence. Present-day Haddon Hall dates from the 12th Century to the early 17th Century, whereupon it lay dormant for over two hundred years from 1700 until the 1920s, when the 9th Duke and Duchess of Rutland restored the house and gardens, and once again made it habitable.

Avoiding fire; warfare; family misfortune and changing fashions, little has changed over recent centuries and Haddon provides a unique view of early English life and history.


the views from the garden were quite breathtaking, as you can see.

now if only i could win the Lotto and buy myself a little slice of Country Living


Y Not?

Before you berate me for the terrible grammar/ spelling I am talking about the Y Not? Festival 2016.

Now i have to admit i hadn’t heard of this festival before a friend very kindly asked me to accompany them for the weekend, and i wasn’t disappointed

Now the line up was pretty similar to that of Kendal Calling, with headliners being Editors, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Maddness, The Hives, Blossoms, etc. some pretty big bands I’m sure you agree. And how could I forget The Lancashire Hotpots

But as always some of the less well know bands on earlier on the main stages and smaller stages managed to catch my attention. Those of note for me were Circa Waves, Eliza and the Bear, Coasts and most of the Country and Western ones in the Saloon Bar.



  • Tent – erm kind of a given
  • Sleeping bag (s) – double for nighttime warmth
  • Pillows – coz, well i like some comfort
  • Food/ Drinks – Free dried pastas and bottled water and of course the obligatory cider is a must for me!
  • Lanyard – i mean not only do you look super cool but also you can plan your stages
  • Sanitiser – if i need to explain why then we can’t be friends!
  • Head torch – ( see picture) – just for fun and hey see how awesome i look!


this is definitely one of the festival line ups i will be checking out next year




Life’s a ……… Beach?

So I recently spent 2 weeks in pure paradise that was Mexico, more sepcifically the Riviera Maya area. 

This is my 3rd visit to the area and it did not disappoint. And there may be serval posts to cover the trip. 

In the mean time I thought I’d share with you a few of my pool side/ beach essentials

My sun hat – a previous Mexican purchase

A cover up – Primark special

Swim suits – various outlets mostly      Tesco,Sainsburys and Debenhams

Books – plenty of them (plus those on kindle)

Suntan lotion – factor 50 all the way

Insect repellant – a must in Mexico!

iPod -obviously 

Sunglasses – no need to explain why! 

Not much use to anyone I’m sure but a little look into my world 

till next time


Failing to plan is planning to……

Something my dad used to say and never really thought much of it until now.
Now I’ve always been a planner, obsessed with lists and constantly reorganising drawer, wardrobes etc but it wasn’t until i decided to start blogging that I realised that although some posts can be of the cuff and inspired by something you’ve just seen/ done/ thought about its always good to have some back ups. 
So tonight while I’m trying to get an early night,  and clearly failing miserably, I decided to write a list of some ideas for up coming blogs.


So yes while watching Netflix , another great procrastinating pastime, I wrote a blog about what I’m going  to blog about. Good huh
Any ideas of your own to add to my list?

Oh well series 6 of House won’t watch itself

Till next time Mon amis

Italia, the end…. and the beginning

Welcome back so where were we? oh yes so moving on from beautiful Florence it’s just another quick (ish) train ride to Venice. nothing could prepare me for just how stunning this city is. even more so i was surprised by the water, now don’t get me wrong i knew the city is built around the grand canal with plenty of little of shoots, but i was surprised by how far into the city these went, but i loved it.

The hotel was a lovely quiet canal, a 10 minute walk from the station with rooms overlooking one of the canals. the room had a gorgeous 4 poster bed, a first for me and shutters instead of curtains outside the large french windows which led to a balcony. The staff also left  helpful hints to enjoy Venice by!


one of the main attractions in the city is the Doges Palace, which along with housing a lot of interesting historical artifacts and information about the city and its leading family’s it also houses the dungeons Cassanova escaped from in 1756, definitely worth a visit on any trip to the city

DSC_0434 DSC_0435 DSC_0436 DSC_0437 DSC_0438

there are many different modes of transportation on offer in the city, walking is the cheapest, fastest and best way to explore all the nooks and crannies, water taxi is by far the most expensive but will get you close to main streets.Alternatively there is the waterbus which is relatively chap and has stops at most of the major sites around he city, prices start from 7 euro for a one way trip or you can buy tourist passes which allow unlimited usage over 1-2 days for 20-30 euros.

20150127_144635 20150127_153224

However you absolutely cannot visit the city without taking a gondola ride . Prices start from 80 euros per boat ( which can seat upto 6). there are gondola stations all over the city and near to many of the major bus routes. any are manned by gondoliers in uniform and there are sometimes a range of routes on offer at varying price increases. I’m guessing that demand differs through the year, as it was January dusk seemed the best time to view the city as the sun falls and the lights come on.

This was a once in a lifetime experience and a city i will never forget

20150128_173911 DSC_0387 DSC_0448 DSC_0453

So it is arrivederci to Italy and……. well who knows where next

Italia travels part 2

As part of my recent tour de Italia, after leaving Rome i headed north to Florence. Utilising  the countries fantastic rail links  and treating myself to  first class ticket for around 63 euros (£46 approx) and well worth the money, complimentary drinks and sack, reclining chairs, and ooodles of legroom and space.

Arriving in to Florence and checking into my hotel for the stay, the Atlantic Palace, pleasant little hotel, near to the train station and Florence central, very reasonably priced for the bed and breakfast option. the room had cute little old fashioned touches to

20150126_101534 20150126_101554 20150126_101545

After finding out that Pisa was only a short train ride away and leaving the luggage it was back to the station then of to Pisa. once exiting the station the walk to the tower is about 20-30 minutes, and to be honest i didnt see much else along the way so unless you know of some other hidden gems this trip is half a day at most.

arriving at the Tower and adjacent building site you cannot help but be in awe of the structure and of course attempt to ‘hold it up’

20150126_162143 DSC_0325DSC_0342DSC_0343DSC_0346

Back in Florence the following morning, i headed to the Galleria Dell’ Accademia to see David. It has always been a dream of mine to see this statue and you cannot pass a souvenir shop in Florence with out his image being projected.

the Gallery hold many other fine works of art but there is a certain buzz in the hall where the statue is housed. the detail on this piece is second to none and could have happily spent a few hours taking it all in

DSC_0377 DSC_0379 DSC_0380

and of course a trip to the Art district could not be complete without seeing some Botticelli, and whee better the in the Uffizi Gallery, 2 of my favourite and possibly famous pieces are the Birth of Venus and Spring

Birth of venus Spring

Crammed all of the above into just 24 hours was hard work but worth it.

The it was back n the train and on the way too………..


Bonjourno,  see I’m practically fluent.  Flying out today to Italia to visit as much as possible within the 7 days. The plan is to take in Rome,  the Vatican,  Pompeii, Florence,  Pisa and Venice all in the 7 days. I’m packed the essentials, passport, pants and pyjamas.



But for me it’s also a chance to try and expand my photography skills, a little limited at the moment.
I’ve also decided to try and journal as much as I can in a good old fashioned book


currently sat in the departure lounge partaking in one of my favourite past times, people watching. You can see almost every type of person waiting to fly at the airport so before my flight is called I’m of to spot the lovers, the mothers and the solo explorers

Arrivedirci for now


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