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Everybody loves good neighbours

Ok maybe a reference a few people will get, but hey who knows.
So assignment 3 from blogging101 was to discover my neighbours.  Basically find new people to follow and new tags to discover. 
I loved this assignment, I have been following tags but wasn’t sure how to read them. But now I know and have managed to find some new people so hopefully they were good choices.
So the list of tags I currently follow are


The new ones are weightloss and pug. Mainly because I am on my own weightloss journey but rarely blog it and I have a new pug puppy who I just adore.
But I have delved into the plus size, lifestyle,  weightloss tags to find some new bloggers to hopefully inspire and entertain me.
As I read more I hope to find more tags to follow

Busy bank holiday days

So another long weekend has been and gone, my last one till Christmas (I am on holiday for our August one) and for a change I actually did something with it.
Usually I spend it trying to sort the house,  see past 5 years worth of bank holiday, but this was different. This one had good weather and actual real life plans.

For starters on Friday I decided to treat myself, something I have started to try and do a little more these days. I am usually running round trying to help other people I rarely help myself so once in a while I like to give myself a break
So pedicure and hair do were my first port of call

image      image

Then Saturday I took the puppy out for his first proper walk. I think it was an experience for us all! But I did manage to get him looking like a seasoned pro


Sunday was a sophisticated affair, afternoon tea to celebrate (early) a friends birthday. It was utterly delightful


And Monday I took puppy out again to a horse show with a friend and her son. He was in his element being petted and fussed, puppy not son.
The hoses were on top form to, shires to yearlings and even the odd donkey or 2.
A great day out

Back to the grind today, oh well real life beckons


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What a week…. The good the bad and the fugly

So I’ve had one of those totally random weeks where you don’t know if you’re coming or going.
Started of as any other week, work on Monday no better or worse the any other, saw some puppies but more of that to come I’m sure,  Tuesday same old same old, hypnotherapy and college,  again more of that to come.  Then came Wednesday, or hump day as us youth like to say (*obviously I’m not a youth and I’m 99.9% sure no youth would ever say that! )
Anywho I digress, Wednesday is netball day. Now we are not your typical netball team. We are aged between 16-40+ and every size and shape in between.  Are we any good? Debatable, we don’t win often but we do have fun. Anyway Wednesday went to script, a loss but to a good team so that’s ok.
The trip home however was not. We got a flat tyre on the motorway. Not a major emergency I know but throw in the fact that the car had no spare tyre, the driver no breakdown cover and 5 girls in netball dress, and you start to see the issue.
We were cold, and by cold I mean 2 weeks in the Arctic started to sound like tropical paradise.
Anywho 2 1/2 hours later the tow truck arrived and we were fangirling like those old videos you see of beagle mania.




So that was Wednesday,  then Thursday night we entered grown up mode and entered into a new phase of operation ‘Home Improvement’ .
New flooring!
Ooooooo I hear you say and you’d be right oooooo indeed.
Our old laminate was a thing of nightmares, pine, cheap and starting to gap! Laid by my OH 14+ years ago it’s time was definitely up and Thursday night so was it!


Bye bye vile 90’s floor and friday saw a big hi there and hello to new 2015 drop it like it’s hot floor!


Sexy yes?!

And then Saturday,  well Saturday saw the arrival of…….


Like I said more to come on these fugly puglies soon

Well I’m off to enjoy a star wars marathon because, well it is May 4th*


* resisting the urge to say May the 4th be with you…….. Damn it

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