I’m a relatively busy person. Not in a work way like I imagine most people but in my own time. 

I like to think I’m a good planner and organiser but maybe not. How can this be I have all the lists?!

So I work Monday-Friday in one of those regular type jobs blah blah. But most evenings and weekends I’m busy busy. My week pans out pretty much like

Monday -gym/bingo

Tuesday – puppy training

Wednesday- netball training/ game

Thursday – college

Weekends – well where do I start, visiting friends, going to gigs, walking the dog, shopping, cleaning, organising, getting my hair done, all manner of errands.

So yeah I like to be busy,  but then I realised i never make time to relax, to do some of the things I love, to take pictures, to read (unless I’m on holiday) etc so by the time Monday comes round I haven’t stopped
Maybe I need to make me time, time to enjoy life, time to find out who I am, ok that’s a little American but maybe it’s true!

So time to make a change!

Hopefully you’ll come along to and see what happens