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Bags for life

So my not to secret guilty secret are bags. I love them, I can’t stop buying them and I’m running out of excuses to keep buying them.

But before that happens I’m going to share my latest treats. 

Now as you may or may not know my parents live in France and whenever I visit I’m always mesmerising by the fashion. Now I know they gave many of the same shops as we have here but they obviously have different stock.

Now bags are a different matter. I love the designs in Desigual, they are just different, quirky and I can never just choose one…….. so this time I chose 2

This cute tan and tapestry Boho one, smaller then my usual style but I couldn’t resist

And this super denim one (oh yes and the purse ooooooops)

Every so often I gift my bags to friends who’ve always said they liked them or charity shops but it’s the hardest item of all to give up

Wish me luck 

Favourite summer look

Summer, you remember that right? I think we had about a week of it here in the UK. Anyway blessed with a tan from my holiday to Jamaica I attended the wedding, well vow renewal of some old friends. 

I’d had my eye on a maxi dress for some time, just a matter of finding the right one. Then after spotting this beauty on twitter I had to get it from Simply Be

It was perfect, I mean look at it.

The prefect summer dress. Teamed with summer wedges and this gorgeous embroidered bag from New Look.

Wedding outfit complete

All about holding onto those last sunny days………. oh and burgers

What I did on my holidays

So this years summer travels took me across the sea to beautiful Jamaica. More specifically the luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay and it was stunning. 

The rooms were decked out with either a super deluxe king bed or 2 doubles, tv, fully stocked mini fridge, bottle of vodka and rum.  Jacuzzi bath, double sink bathroom, toilet, shower etc. But rooms are rooms anywhere.

We chose the luxury side as it was adults only, so no kids. Personally heaven for me. Unlimited visits to the a la carte restaurants, branded spirit drinks etc.

My favourites were the Jamaican and Japanese. Mainly for the food but the shows they put on are super fun. Oh and who doesn’t love a good buffet breakfast 


 The beach was exquisite, private and peaceful. I tried to get down there each morning before others arrived. Just to have some me time 


Pools were clean with constant entertainment or quieter areas if you wanted to peace, grounds lush and green.


This was 2 weeks of relaxation, reading and rest

Below are a few of my holiday essentials;

Sunscreen and after sun lotions -stay safe

Books, with my personal recommendations

Sunglasses these are Joanie Clothing 

Chub rub stick

Bug repellent 

And the famous big cup, super for filling with cocktails and keep it them cool

It’s good to talk….

So todays assignment, to take inspiration from a previously followed/ read post.

So here goes, and i hope i don’t lose any of you who might not relate to this one.

I am currently half way through a little project i like to lovingly call ‘Operation who am i?’ (not really but sounds good hey?!)

A few years ago i got a wake up call.

I have been getting bigger and bigger since a traumatic incident in my early 20’s, one i am not going to go into now, and i finally saw some pictures and realised i didn’t recognise myself.

this one in particlar


this is me and my mum, at her house on the day of my sisters wedding.

i cried, and still do when i see it. it’s hideous.

i had not long been to the hospital and found out that i couldn’t have children, well until i lost around 12 stone! to put that in perspective that is more than my sister weighs, i essentially needed to lose a whole person!

i was devastated, i had been kidding myself about my weight and size for such a long time but here it was for everyone, well mostly me to see.

how could i have been so blind?

this was 3 years ago. i have now lost around half what is needed. and that sadly was the easy part.

i have recently lost my motivation for why i started and seriously need to find my mojo.

have any one seen it?

but there is a bright side, because as you know i am not a negative Nelly.

i have lost half my goal, i am so much fitter and healthier then i was.


i am going to give myself sometime at the weekend to just sit down and map out the next part of my plan.

so there it is!

this blog is not purely focussed on my weightless journey because i am so much more then that but i will update at various milestones.

hope i didn’t lose to many of my new readers there

Taking it old skool……

The past few weeks I’ve taken things up a notch in trying new things, or returning to old loves.
Last week I laced up some old fashioned roller boots and attempted to recapture the fearless joy of my youth. I had visions of effortlessly floating around the floor while the music matched my movement…… The reality was a little different.
Even lacing up the boots was harder then I remember,  somehow the co-ordinated 14 year old had turned into a 34 year old chubster, skittling round the floor grabbing the sides and not being able to stop without hurtling myself into the sides.
That being said it was the most fun I’ve had on wheels since……. well since I was 14.
Will definitely be returning



Next time let’s find out how my face ended up this red…….


Weekends away

Last weekend me and some gal pals hopped on a little steel bird and flew all of 20 minutes over the irish sea for a weekend in Dublin. 
We arrived just in time for the start of the St Patricks festival,  which meant the city was even more full with tourists from all over the world and of course plenty of leprechauns


Anywho I digress, we decided to do something that I love more then anything when in a foreign city…….
OPEN TOP BUS TOUR, in hindsight it was a little to cold for top deck but hey what the heck, I was on my holidays and Chris our driver was a total legend



We took full opportunity to use the 2 day pass and hop on and off all the way round the city
We stopped at the Guiness Storehouse and went to pint school and enjoyed 2, yes 2 free pints of the black stuff


Next stop on the tour was Kilmainham Gaol the sight of many imprisonments and executions, including those involved I the 1916 uprising. A very sombre place but one filled with history.

Back on the bus we stopped of for a little warm up drink at the Jameson Whiskey Tour, learning how the drink is made and how to taste the difference between different types, so 3 shots and a whiskey ginger and lime later I was a certified whiskey taster


And no trip to Dublin would be complete without a trip down Temple Bar, tip of the day bring plenty of €€€€’s but don’t be put of the place is a blast.
And as it was St Patricks day festival. Weekend we of course dressed for the occasion




So I leave you again and catch you next time I hope

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