So back on track with the Blogging101 assignment. Today’s was using a Daily Prompt
So I chose I am a rock


To be quick I could answer this with a NO!

But then it wouldn’t be very interesting for you would it.
I think to say I’m independent would be an understatement.  I was raised to think for myself and rely on myself and so I do.
Now when it comes to other people I’m a rock, for them.
I’m always there for anyone who needs an ear to listen or advice,  and not the ‘yes man’ kind of advice.  But truthful advice,  advice they might not always want to hear but the kind they need to.
I think this has made my relationships with my friends stronger.
Now when it comes to my own problems I would rather work through them on my own.
Mainly because as much as I can give advice I cannot take it. Or more accurately I don’t ask for it.  I don’t want to be a burden, and for some things I just don’t think they would understand.
Now the other issue I guess is I have several groups of friends, all that i have known for various amounts of time and that I do different things with.
I love that I have my different pockets of friends and that I can always help out whenever needed, and be their rock.

I also have a significant other whom I share most things with but to be honest he’s a man, and a man’s man at that. Not even the hint of a metrosexual in there!

So i I guess I am my own rock, but maybe I it’s time to get a pebble of my own!!