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Favourite summer look

Summer, you remember that right? I think we had about a week of it here in the UK. Anyway blessed with a tan from my holiday to Jamaica I attended the wedding, well vow renewal of some old friends. 

I’d had my eye on a maxi dress for some time, just a matter of finding the right one. Then after spotting this beauty on twitter I had to get it from Simply Be

It was perfect, I mean look at it.

The prefect summer dress. Teamed with summer wedges and this gorgeous embroidered bag from New Look.

Wedding outfit complete

All about holding onto those last sunny days………. oh and burgers

What I did on my holidays

So this years summer travels took me across the sea to beautiful Jamaica. More specifically the luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay and it was stunning. 

The rooms were decked out with either a super deluxe king bed or 2 doubles, tv, fully stocked mini fridge, bottle of vodka and rum.  Jacuzzi bath, double sink bathroom, toilet, shower etc. But rooms are rooms anywhere.

We chose the luxury side as it was adults only, so no kids. Personally heaven for me. Unlimited visits to the a la carte restaurants, branded spirit drinks etc.

My favourites were the Jamaican and Japanese. Mainly for the food but the shows they put on are super fun. Oh and who doesn’t love a good buffet breakfast 


 The beach was exquisite, private and peaceful. I tried to get down there each morning before others arrived. Just to have some me time 


Pools were clean with constant entertainment or quieter areas if you wanted to peace, grounds lush and green.


This was 2 weeks of relaxation, reading and rest

Below are a few of my holiday essentials;

Sunscreen and after sun lotions -stay safe

Books, with my personal recommendations

Sunglasses these are Joanie Clothing 

Chub rub stick

Bug repellent 

And the famous big cup, super for filling with cocktails and keep it them cool

here is my face!

so i am very much an all the gear no idea kinda gal with most things in my life.

My face is one of them. i have all the makeup and brushes a girl might need but no clue how to slap it on and make it look good.

therefore i enlisted the help of the gorgeously talented  Frankie Noone from @frankie_noone on twitter and frankienoone on the old instagram to help make me look semi human

you get me right?

so i wanted a perfectly natural day look.


nailed it

then i wanted to be able to build it up for a subtle evening look. this is where i usually struggle, I add far to much and look like i just dived into my mums make up bag and motorboated the blush.

Ta Da



apologies for the extreme close up and grey roots but hey thats life


Frankie’s studio is a work of pure joy, and she is a total babe



So here goes my attempt to look more human on a day to day basis


Make up used was mostly Chanel, MAC, Benefit and NYX


A modern day miracle…..

Ok ok ok I admit I might have slightly exaggerated the outcome of this post, but before you stop scrolling bare with me.

So not sure about you but any regular shampoo/ conditioner user may have faced this heartache more then once. When one bottle, usually shampoo empties before the other.  Then you’re left with the dilemma,  do you buy the same brand conditioner again, just use shampoo alone, mix and match products, or shelve the remaining shampoo and start 2 bottles of fresh product.
Is any of this sounding familiar?
Ok I’ve probably lost some of you by now but stay with me.
Now I am a fickle fellow when it comes to haircare, generally only using what’s on offer when I go shopping so i’m either in mix and match mode or shelve and start a fresh…..

That was until Wednesday morning when this happened


That’s right people both my shampoo and conditioner expired at the same time…..

Praise be a Miracle I think you can all agree

With that in mind I’m of to buy a lottery ticket

Till next time lather rinse repeat

Failing to plan is planning to……

Something my dad used to say and never really thought much of it until now.
Now I’ve always been a planner, obsessed with lists and constantly reorganising drawer, wardrobes etc but it wasn’t until i decided to start blogging that I realised that although some posts can be of the cuff and inspired by something you’ve just seen/ done/ thought about its always good to have some back ups. 
So tonight while I’m trying to get an early night,  and clearly failing miserably, I decided to write a list of some ideas for up coming blogs.


So yes while watching Netflix , another great procrastinating pastime, I wrote a blog about what I’m going  to blog about. Good huh
Any ideas of your own to add to my list?

Oh well series 6 of House won’t watch itself

Till next time Mon amis

Lotions and potions galore

Who uses body lotion? I  mean please put your hand’s in the air. In every ‘gift ‘ set in have received over the past few years there is always a body lotion, or more recently body butter but who uses them?
I have recently undertook a spring clean ( a favourite activity of mine but that’s for another time) and had 2 drawers full of unused lotions and potions .
I have never used a body moisturiser,  mainly because I don’t usually lounge around after showering, but also because I just don’t get it.
Body scrubs yes, shower gels yes, but creams that makes my skin feel wet after I’ve just dried. ….. Erm no.

Anyway rather than throw them all away i have decided to regift some of them to friends who have expressed an interest, and the rest to my local charity shop.

I have kept a few to see if I can get in board with the concept but if not I will have to write myself of as a moisturiser no goer




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