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The year to date

Hello gentle viewers, how are we all doing?

So 2018 is just flying so thought I would catch you up on where I am. So I took a break from the old blog as I just didn’t feel like I had anything worth talking about, I’d lost my inspiration and well basically life just got in the way.

But starting to feel like I’m ready to be back so here we go, quick recap on the year so far


New year, new me…….. nah i started with 10000937463 resolutions as always and right now I can’t remember a single one. Had a birthday, the big 37 came and went with the minimal of fuss, and by that I mean no one remembered, my own fault for taking it of my Facebook but come on guys.


Returned the old bouffant to its more natural colour, brunette. So far it not the worst so I can live with that. Found out I had a place on the great north run so quite chuffed about that so pretty excited to start training. Started a new work placement in London, which has been fun if a little ( a lot) expensive.

Oh yeah and then subsequently handed my notice in

March (so far)

Cut my hair super short, loved it for 0.00064 seconds. Pierced my nose again! Bought all the books,way to many for any sensible person to reasonably want but hey.

I’m also setting some new goals/resolutions because who says they just for Jan 1st.

1) hardest but most interesting. Not cutting my hair till I’m 40. That’s right 34 months to see what can be done, I must caveat this by saying there may be the odd trim and shaping into style while it’s growing otherwise it’s just going to be a little to cray for work etc

2) read at least 1 book a month. Should be easy but as life gets so busy sometimes it’s the little things that slide. If you have any recommendations let me know.

3) train for the GNR, its a half marathon but as someone who can’t currently run 5k this is going to be super hard. Send me all your positive thoughts please.

4) get these expenses and debts sorted, curb the spending and start the saving.

I’ll be tracking the old hold hair progression as I go. Here we are at present

Speak soon lovelies

Viva Las……… LONDON

Welcome back gentle viewers,

SO last week i ventured down to that their London, that right our fair capital itself. The primary reason for my visit was to see Miranda on tour at the O2, which was enjoyable. however i am not here to review said show.

Instead i’m going to share the rest of my trip over 2 posts. Firstly we booked into a relatively budget hotel, which was actually very nice, the Thistle City Barbican. located close to Old Street Tube station (Northern Line), for a 2 night stay was £178, for twin room and Breakfast.

full_thistle_city_barbican_rooms_deluxe_twin     285_1

As we were there for 3 days the best way to get around was by Tube, the most economical was to invest in an Oyster Card. and believe me we made full use of the underground!

No trip to the capital is complete without something touristy. This time i chose the London Eye, and not just any old trip round, the Champagne tour.Booking online meant getting a discount and the advantage of knowing what time we were had to be present. the tour includes queue jump, reduced numbers per pod and a lovely glass of cold Champers and some simply stunning views of the City skyline

20141019_135627    20141019_142825  20141019_130923   20141019_141623  20141019_143647

Well this is where i leave you know know

Next post will look a some recent purchases, including some lovely London treats

Bonsoir for now



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