so here i am, mid 30’s muddling through being a grown up, pretty much faking it every day! self confessed nerd, but not about anything in particular, loves to read but any genre will do, listen to music but not any particular type., change my hair more than my socks, will take photos of anything and everything….. you kind of get the gist of whats going on here!

trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, but damn that cheesecake is just to tempting……

prepare for reading about every little mundane aspect of my life, from clothes, my puppy, my travels, my books, my feelings, and all of lifes little questions like ‘do I own to many handbags?’ ( the answer is no btw, always no!), and will i ever get to my ideal self…… still here?

good now go enjoy the read and come back soon

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