Everyone has causes that get them right in the feels, be it animal, food banks, cancer or those that help children.  Alder Hey Children’s is always in my thought, partly because it’s local but also as I know how special they are in treating very sick children

Below is Alfie’s Story

Ten year old Alfred has lived with severe asthma since birth and has recently begun a research study at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to look at ways to help the condition.
Alfred’s treatment includes permanent steroids, prescribed the highest level of seretide and taking both montelukast and theophylline tablets in addition to the injections which are given as part of the study. There are many triggers that set off his asthma, including all pets, grass being cut and his chest is often tight at night.
Alfred in on the autistic spectrum and in addition to the severe asthma, he has esophagitis -­‐ a reflux condition which means he’s on even more tablets and is also tube fed. He is a chatty and clever young man and he loves reading and his dinosaurs!
The work they do can only continue with the publics help.If you can spare please head to Alder Hey Children’s and donate