This mornings cardio session was boxing based, just up my street. these sessions get you up and moving and ready for the full day of activitie, but they are full on.

After this we get down for a nutrition session with one of the camps founders Caroline. this lady certainly knows her stuff and takes us though all the facts and myths attached to nutrition. questions a plenty from the camp but she has all the answers!

then out in the rain for body weight Amrap! ipod on and game face on was the only way to get through. this is bootcamp people we train wind, rain and shine!


once done and dry the afternoons activity is revealed!


20150622_160416    20150622_165841

i was so pleased to be able to complete this particular activity. last camp i attended i was sadly to big for the harness and was unable to complete the rock climb. once i had the harness on and was sure it was secure i was so excited to go over the edge.



after abs we had an optional extra session of a Brucey Bonus (only because the session was led by Bruce, the jokes didn’t get any cleverer then that!)

he covered of the use and exercises you can do using a foam roller, a nice little bit of extra info to take home with us.

day done we all decided to chill out in he lounge with a DVD

and await the next day!!