Following on from my last trip back to my youth (see roller skating adventures) I decided to go do another oldy-  worldy pastime. BINGO! Oh and not just any old bingo, not the shiny flashy ones we see in tv. I mean an old school, blue rinse, games for 20p type place.
I was visiting with a friend in the lakes and we were stuck for something to do so of we went.
Did we win? No
Did we have a scream? Yes
We picked up the lingo ‘sweating for a number’ etc
And all round had a great time. 



Despite no win the evening was super fun.
There was some clear rivalry between some groups of ladies, think sharks and jets (West side story) but with old lady perms and cardigans, but everyone came together for a link game versus the next town over…… things got pretty intense, well. As much as you can on beta blockers

So what’s next for this non stop rock n roll lifestyle I’m living I hear you cry?
Well i could tell you all about my growing diy skills or let you help name my puppies (actual dogs not a euphemism)
Stay tuned to see which way I go*

*spoiler I’m going to do both.  I’m just that crazy