So at the grand old age of 34 I, Miss Rebecca Eleanor Ryan, became debt free. Well maybe i should be more specific I still have my gown up mortgage debt but hey don’t we all.
What I mean is I don’t have the dead weight of my student life and subsequent living alone life around my neck.
To say I have never been good with money is like saying the Pope’s a little but religious,  so now you know the scale we are dealing with.
Credit cards, catalogues (well modern day equivalent) , the dreaded pay day lenders, overdrafts ( yes multiple) and missed payments on various bills meant the red letters soon started arriving. Plus a nasty CCJ, from a previous employer whom decided to chase me for money they paid towards my 2nd degree, left me feeling like I was drowning in the sea of debt.
I turned to a debt management company for help, and thank Buddha I did. They arranged all my repayments, dealt with all my creditors and basically took away my stress.
This was circa 2009 and as of Feb 2015 all have been cleared.
Thanks to changing jobs , meaning I could increase my repayments and an unexpected inheritance (not a lot before anyone thinks it was some super windfall),  I have been able to clear all these debts.
I cannot emphasise how amazing this felt and now getting all my confirmation letters from said creditors that the balance is now £0 made all the ‘living on a shoestring’ years worth it.

So now, apart from my bills, all my wage is my own.
So the question is have I learned from my mistakes? Can I save? Can I live within my means?
Watch this space……….