So last week I flew to Rome to celebrate my birthday, travelling for my birthday has become a new tradition.

so a quick look through my travel guide-book and some sticky labels later I had selected a few different places I definitely wanted to visit

1) Roman Forum, Palatine and Colosseum

This building easily dominates the area, it is an imposing yet beautiful structure. Booked on the VIP tour ensured we would get views others did not have access to including the dungeons and upper ring. Using a relatively new company as tour guides, we were not disappointed, they were knowledgeable, entertaining and kind to my budget

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2) Vatican City

Coming from a non-religious background I was more interested in the historical aspect of this place, and it did not disappoint, using a guided tour to ensure nothing would be missed. I visited both the museum and the Vatican and was taken on a journey through the history of the Popes and the development of the City.

One of the most awe-inspiring room without doubt is the Sistine Chapel, in which there is an enforced no speaking and no photography rule.

would 100% recommend a visit, regardless of your religious beliefs

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3) Pompeii

A train to Naples and then from there and for less than 10 euros you can use the Circumvesuviana and get a local train to Pompeii. (note if using the local trains ensure you have validated your tickets at the stations before travelling or you will be fined)

Entry to the Park is only 11 euros per person and 5 extra for an audio guide, this I would definitely recommend f not on a guided tour. Following the free map you will be able to navigate your way around the site and take in whichever of the site you wish. there are time indicators for how long each path will take.

Seeing the site where an entire community was wiped out and seeing the plaster cast remains of some of those found is a truly humbling experience, as well as the other aspects of their daily life, Baths, Bakery’s and Brothels


The Mule Man, found shielding his face from the ash cloud and next to the remains of his mule



Beds and helpful hints at the Brothel


Myself and Vesuvius!

Next time we visit Florence and Pisa

Arrivederci till then