This is a week of shiny newness for me, the most shiny being this blog.

After umming and arrring for what feels like an age i have bitten the bullet and set myself this little page so here we go.

SO first off a little intro, northern, 30…… something lady type person who is only just finding out who i am and what i like.

Things i like

1- the gym, now before you move on i don’t mean in a whooping, Lycra clad way. i mean in a challenging myself changing my life kind of way, future posts will explain more stay with me on this one.

2 – i like clothes, again stay with me on this one, I’ve spent 15 years dressing in black, baggy unflattering clothes and now i have colour and shape, as some of my OOTD pics on Instagram will attest

3 – i will take photos of absolutely anything, currently on a photography course to learn how to take better ones, again expect plenty of pics popping up every now and then

4  reading. pretty self explanatory i think!

5 – i love to travel, don’t do enough, need to do more. 2014 saw trips to Brugge and Mexico, both beautiful and adventurous for very different reason

sDSC_0389 DSCF3159


anyway gentle viewers i leave you now with hopes you will return